We start by building a firm foundation and engage with your team on the following:

  • Identify technology platforms
  • Explore application components
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Determine the underlying goals and vision for your application
  • Execute exploratory testing of the software

Build and Execute Phase:

  • Build a performance test suite using current technologies that fit with your platforms
  • Execute the agreed upon types of performance tests, including but not limited to:
    • Load
    • Stress
    • Capacity

Optimization Phase:

Our experience includes:

  • HTTP Layer
    • Front End (Critical Rendering Path)
    • Web Server
    • Middle-tier
  • SQL execution performance
  • Network layer

Custom Engagements:

We understand that existing applications and projects have aggressive schedules. Are you struggling with a specific performance problem? Need advice on how to prevent problems in future? Looking for specialized assistance? Existing technical services team needs outside ownership of the verification domain? We are open to custom engagements and on-going relationships.Please contact us.